About OSC Analytics-as-a-Service (OSCAaaS)

What is this metrics & analytics stuff anyway? Why should I care?

Community health analytics platforms gather data created by the activities of open source projects, and over time analyzes activities and trends to show how those projects work, collaborate, and endure.

  • For open source communities: Understanding how your project performs with respect to the CHAOSS health metrics allows community leaders to get insights from the work being done, reduce sustainability risks by monitoring collaboration, and demonstrate growth in diversity of organizational stewardship. In short, it’s a great tool to help projects grow!

  • For potential stakeholders: A public dashboard of projects’ activities helps to demonstrate how communities collaborate throughout the ecosystem, giving confidence to potential implementers and donors.

  • For the pubilc: FLOSS community health analytics help the OSC to showcase the amazing activities of the projects we work with to the general public, potential donors, and potential collaborators. These insights help projects to grow and thrive.

Over the coming months, we will be sharing more content about why community health analytics and metrics are important factors in understanding the long-term sustainability of your project. We also encourage others interested in this topic to share articles, reports, presentations, or even start discussion about related topics here in the #programs:metrics category on the OSC Hub.

Who is this program designed for?

The program is available to any OSC member project who has received a formal engagement with or assistance from us in the past. Examples include grants, technical assistance consulting engagements, or participation in one a mentorship program (GSoC, Outreachy, Google Code-in) under the OSC umbrella.

Capacity is limited, but we may be able to accomodate other projects on a case by case basis. Contact the @osc-team for details.

When will projects be onboarded onto the platform?

As of February 2020, a handful of projects have test data loaded in from our pilot. The OSC & Bitergia teams will be in contact with project maintainers to begin onboarding them in the early part of 2020. Those projects with the most interest and willigness to collaborate and provide feedback will be moved to the front of the queue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Who is Bitergia and what is their role?

Bitergia are an official OSC Service Delivery Partner. They are a Spain-based for-profit company dedicated to help software projects and organizations that support and use those projects, better understand those projects’ health, sustainability, development efficiency, talent retention & acquisition, content creation, developer audience analysis, and more.

As a service to our member projects, OSC has contracted with Bitergia to build and maintain a dashboard of community health analytics for those projects, to help those communities identify strengths and areas for growth. These may be areas for engagement projects using OSC resources, or may simply inform the strategies of those communities. Each software community will find different values and utility in the data collected and analyzed.

Bitergia will also be available in a limited capcity for collaborative consulting throughout the year, as well as preparation of community health and activity reports… More information about these opportunities will be announced in the future.

How do I see the Dashboard?

Because the analytics platform processes data that is already public, its outputs are also public and freely licensed. You can see it in action at: https://dial.biterg.io/

Some features require a login, which will be made available to members of the @dashboard-team, which consists of representatives from the FLOSS projects with data in the system.

How does the Dashboard work?

A short video of a dashboard in action (no sound)

While Bitergia is the company who helps us configure and run the service, like all other OSC services, the software running the dashboard is open source. The system is powered by GrimoireLab, a GPLv3-licensed project that originated in a research university and is now maintained by the CHAOSS Community, a group of open source professionals who are experts in understanding community health and how to measure it.

The Bitergia team are active contributors to GrimoireLab, and the project welcomes additional contributions. Everyone interested is encouraged to join their mailing list, the #GrimoireLab IRC chat channel on Freenode, or submit pull requests to their repositories.

Where can I ask questions?

You’re in the right place! Any questions you have about community health metrics, analytics tools, our OSCAaaS dashboard, or related issues can be posted as new topics right here on the OSC Hub’s #programs:metrics category. We look forward to your participation!

This overview document is a work in progress. If you have questions about the service, please reply to this topic and ask! We’ll get back to you with a response, and your input will help us to improve this information.


We can begin this program now!

Which OSC member projects can we add to the metrics platform?