Action required: Mentor registration

Due Date: 19 February 2018

Hi folks, as you have probably heard by now, we have been accepted as a GSoC umbrella org for 2018. Details on the official Google site here:

For the sub-org “admin” (point of contact) for each sub-org, you should have already received an invitation from the GSoC webapp to join as a mentor. Please make sure you accept this invitation – this is how you will review incoming student proposals.

Additionally, please have any other definite or potential mentors in your sub-orgs send along their email address to @gsoc-admins or via email to gsoc (at) dial (dot) community, so we can get them invited too.

Please do this ASAP, no later than a week from today. If anyone has trouble receiving the invitation or otherwise getting signed up, just reply to this message or let me know.