Anyone using p-n-s GitLab runner?

Long ago, we set up a p-n-s-runner dedicated runner client for GitLab. This was done mostly because we had to hack around the fact that GL (at the time) did not provide direct support for LetsEncrypt, which it now does.

I looked through the registry projects, and couldn’t find any references to it, but wanted to put out a last call in case someone is using it somewhere, maybe a personal/private projects, and we don’t know about it. It seems we’re using shared runners, or we’re using this dedicated one on those legacy web site projects that don’t really need it.

If someone still is using it, no big deal to keep it “running”. :nerd_face:

But if not, we’ll give it a proper retirement. :beach_umbrella:

@sconrad & @nribeka anything you can think of?

I don’t think we’re using it. Not as far as I can remember writing the registry code. Decommission it.


Per @sconrad nothing in his mind either.

Buh-bye, runner!