Article: 6 open governance questions every project needs to answer

Chris Aniszczyk is a vice president of developer relations at the Linux Foundation, and a friend of the Open Source Center. In this new article just published on, he lays out 6 important questions to consider related to the open governance of a project. Good governance is a pre-requisite to project sustainability, so getting your community’s plans to a good place is an important first step to not overlook.

Chris also lists some key minimum requirements for projects getting started in their sustainability journey – they are probably familiar with those of you who have worked with the OSC Team on similar plans:

  • Understanding ownership issues
  • Using a Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO)
  • Having a good naming strategy for your product(s) and your community
  • Having a strategy for establishing and growing trust

Anyway, I highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your day to check out these ideas, and reply back here with what you found useful or what you think might be left out!