Article: The culture war at the heart of open source

Last week, we highlighted a talk about the nexus of business models and open source licenses. This week, a related essay from Steve Klabnik dives a little deeper into the context of that dynamic, with a dive into the nuance of the evolution of the concept of “open source” as it relates to “free software” and past ideologies, and to current/future generations:

The Free Software movement was created, and then Open Source was created as a reaction to that. Today’s developers have never learned about this history, or don’t care about it, or actively think it’s irrelevant. And so we have a war. A war for the meaning of open source. A war fought with tweets, and blog posts, and discussions. A war between the old guard, those who created the idea originally, and the new generation, the developers who have taken the base idea and run with it.

What do you think about Klabnik’s concerns? Do you agree that history will repeat itself? Does the concept of FLOSS need to evolve with the times, or are today’s generations losing their moral compass?