Article: Why developers like to code at night

A nocturnal work schedule is the key to creativity and productivity for many open source programmers.

As a night owl who is often plagued by early-morning meetings thanks to my geography, I can definitely relate to this statement. While everyone has different sleep patterns and different times of the day they are their creative best, I also tend to agree with this stereotype, at least based on anecdotal evidence.

So often, FLOSS projects are distributed among many time zones, so regardless of one’s personal working time, we need to continually work to be more comfortable working asynchronously and understand that work can happen in divisions around the clock.

So, if personal productivity and global collaboration are of interest to you, or you’ve found them to be challenges in your own open source communities, take a look at this new article from, and reply back to let us know what you think.

What about you? Are you a …

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