Beta Jitsi server now available

After some testing, we can confirm that is working enough to be used for small live/synchronous calls & video chats.

In alignment with the OSC Program Charter to try to use open source tools whenever possible, this service is running the open source Jitsi conferencing system on a Linux server. At the moment it supports:

  • audio
  • video/webcam (off by default upon joining but can be activated any time)
  • screen sharing
  • YouTube video sharing (playback) for participants
  • grid mode or full-screen current speaker display for video
  • sidebar chat & “raise hand” feature
  • backround blur and a few other fun things.

Some other things that haven’t been set up or tested yet include:

  • Streaming to a YouTube channel for mass participation or archived playback
  • Live subtitles/transcription service

2 ways to start a meeting

  1. Go to and enter a room name, then share the room name with others.
  2. Go directly to a room URL of your choice, such as which you can pre-share with attendees.

Tools & clients

  • Web: Right now ther is a bug with Firefox WebRTC implementation, so you may have better luck with Chromium or Google Chrome, for example.
  • Android: Get it on the F-Droid store or alternatively the Google Play Store (proprietary platform)
  • iOS: Apple App Store (proprietary platform)

Please note this is still in “beta” status for a while longer until we gain more confidence. Feedback or bug reports are encouraged to be sent to @support.