Catalytic Grants October 2017: "Dirty Jobs"

In this round of thematic funding, DIAL will make up to 4 offers, each up to $25,000 USD, to advance the mission of fostering “healthy, sustainable open source communities and products”. While we are willing to consider all areas of project need, we anticipate this funding to be focused on high-impact areas, such as:

  • Strengthening the project’s foundational base
  • Improving the project’s software quality & reliability
  • Often-neglected but high-value areas

Please read for details.

Initial inquiries are due by email no later than November 8.

Got questions? This is the place! Let us know your questions about the process or the funding approach, and we’ll be happy to provide guidance!

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Hi @downey ! I’m kind of confused. For this grant, should I apply for a future project working on high-impact areas like: refactor of code, deployment, test coverage or apply for any project i’m willing to open-source. Plus, the example areas the website mentions like: technical writer or community coordinator confused me as i think these are positions. Can anyone apply for positions for this grant?

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Hello, I’d like to know if you can apply as an individual, or do you need some sort of endorsement from the project?

Thanks in advance.

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Per – this round of funding is specifically designed for collaborative projects. In most cases, the project must already exist, and already have multiple stakeholders, e.g., people participating from multiple unique organizations. Single-person or single-organization projects will be unlikely to receive funding during this round.

Projects that were previously led by multiple stakeholders, but are currently “dormant” or reduced in scope, along with a plan for “re-invigorating” the project.

While we will consider proposals aimed at starting new multi-stakeholder projects (or features), they are less likely to be funded. Efforts on existing projects are preferred.

The project must be available under an FSF or OSI approved license. Proprietary software projects will not be funded.

Individuals are generally eligible to receive funding, subject to any applicable laws. However, we ask individuals seeking funding to coordinate ideas within your FOSS project, and submit a single proposal that is related to the goals of the work, rather than a single proposal for each individual doing work on the project.

I’d recommend starting a mailing list, forum, or other discussion within your project to ensure development of the strongest ideas possible!

All right, thank you for your prompt answer :smiley:

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Hi folks. Just a quick update. If you sent us an inquiry, you should have received a response today about your progress as a finalist, if applicable. If you were expecting an e-mail today but did not receive it, please let us know here in this topic, or email grants {at}

(As the deadline has passed, we will be unable to accept additional applicants for this round at this time.)

Thanks to everyone who contacted us. The response was far beyond our expectations, and it was great to learn about so many exciting projects!

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Hello, I’m wondering - is it possible for an oranization to submit more than 1 proposal for this round? We have two associated but distinct projects that we feel would be good fits for this.

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If your software project has two areas of need, and the total cost would fit under the budget cap for this round of funding ($25k USD), we encourage you to write a single proposal that addresses both issues, and hopefully explains how they could both work together to improve sustainability of your software project.

While separate proposals may be submitted, given the large number of applications we received, it is not likely that we would be able to fund multiple proposals for a single FOSS project.

Also, keep in mind that the Open Source Center plans to offer similar catalytic grant opportunities twice per year, so we’ll have another round opening around the April 2018 timeframe.

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