Catalytic Grants Round 4: Sustainability & Interoperability

The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) is pleased to sponsor the next round of the Open Source Center’s Catalytic Grant program, which offers financial support for free & open source software projects that support work at the nexus of humanitarian action, development and peace. These grants are intended to support types of effort that have traditionally been neglected or unfinished by these software projects.

In this round of prioritized funding, DIAL will issue up to 5 grants, each valued up to $15,000 USD, to advance the OSC’s mission of fostering healthy, sustainable open source communities and products. Our themes for this round are long-term sustainability planning for projects, and also technology interoperability (connecting data managed by your project’s installations to other solutions for increased impact). In your application, you will need to choose one of the following options:

  • Sustainability planning
  • Interoperability architecture planning
  • Interoperability software engineering

Please read for complete details including application information.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Applications must now be completed on or before by 29 February 2020 AOE/UTC-12.

If you have any questions about this grant program, its goals, requirements, or the application process, send an email with your question. Please refrain from sending confidential or private information, as we intend to share all relevant questions and answers for other potential applicants. We will strive to provide initial answers to all submitted questions within 72 hours. We encourage you to submit your questions no later than 3 February 2020, to allow time for a thoughtful proposal.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: We have heard from many of our community members about the many deadlines faced this week, including Google Summer of Code and Outreachy. As a result, we are extending the deadline through the end of the month. The new deadline is the end of 29 February 2020 Anywhere On Earth (AOE).

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A quick update regarding review of applications for our Catalytic Grant program:

As you can imagine, like many others our organization has been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic as many of our team adjusts to a new work environment and helps support urgent activities being launched. We know that many in our extended community are also struggling to adapt to new realities of working and collaborating, and supporting the people you with whom you live and work.

We remain committed to reviewing grant applications as quickly as possible. We originally had intended to notify recipients at the beginning of April. At this time, we are expecting only a minor delay in this process, with finalists being notified no later than 10 April, and selectees receiving final notification by the end of the following week. While we do not anticipate additional changes to the timeline, should any changes occur we will publish an update again as soon as possible.

Finally, we know that some open source project maintainers and communities are facing financial challenges due to cancelled events or sponsorships. We encourage everyone to check out and share this new effort where many of our colleagues are creating a grassroots support network:

If this situation applies to your open source project(s) we also encourage you to let us know so we can help advocate for you in this and other related support efforts that may arise. Feel free to send a message here on the OSC Hub to @support.

Please stay healthy and safe during these unpredictable times.