Changes to OSC digital_global_goods.json file

In order to be compliant with the new data schema that has been defined in partnership with Unicef and Ovia, available here:

I would like to update the digital global goods file that we use to sync data to our online catalog. Here are the changes that I would propose:

  1. Ensure that the name field is the name of a product and not an organization. For example, we currently have an entry with name set to “LibreHealth”. The name should be the product, which is “LibreHealth EHR”

  2. Add an aliases array to avoid replicating data. In the above case, we would add “LibreHealth” to the aliases list

  3. Add fields for description and license

  4. Add an array for SDG mappings for this product

I would update the rake task that runs nightly to consume all of the data in this new format.

I am open to thoughts/suggestions. Thanks.

I like this.

Is there any way to link various “LibreHealth” products together? For example, there are the following products produced by the @project-librehealth community (not that we would necessarily always be indexing them all):

  • LibreHealth Toolkit
  • LibreHealth EHR
  • LibreHealth Radiology
  • et al.

The same would hold true for the various products turned out under the @project-odk umbrella, among others.

Also, could more than one product hold an identical alias?

Good questions. There is probably no perfect way to reconcile multiple products created/curated by a single organization. I see 4 different categories where we may have multiple products for a single org:

  • An organization releases multiple projects with distinct functionalities. The GNU Health projects are a good example of that. These should have separate product entries.

  • An organization has a single product that is composed of multiple modules. OpenLMIS is a good example. This should be tracked as a single product and perhaps we need to add links to each of the components?

  • An organization has a core product and then several other smaller projects that support this flagship product. I am wondering if we should add a new attribute to our products table to allow us to track ‘supporting products’ .

  • The hardest one is orgs who have multiple products that interoperate or build on each other LibreHealth and ODK are good examples here. I have been advocating for separating these out (ODK Aggregate and ODK Collect) and using our ‘interoperates with’ fields to create the association between them. But am open to other ideas.

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