Community Toolbox: A tool for guiding project newcomers

Many open source projects (and the T4D space is no exception!) have big challenges feeling that they’re accessible to newcomers. As a result, projects feel that they’re stuck with the same core group of developers, and that this group isn’t really expanding over time.

Our friends over at Public Lab have developed a nice little web app tool called Community Toolbox, and it’s designed to be a “landing page” for new contributors, to help them find easy-to-approach issues/bugs in your tracker, as well as give other orientation information.

Check out Public Lab’s demo here:

And the source code from @jywarren is here:

I for one would love to hear from other folks that try this interesting tool, and how it works for your project. Do you have other tools/scripts/apps to help newcomers in your projects? If so, we’d love to hear about them here!