DIAL-supported OSC "winter" fellowship

Hi folks. DIAL has been able to secure funding for an OSC “fellowship” to run each quarter. Let’s discuss here what the program might need that such fellow could support!

TL;DR: A fellow is generally a student or early-career role that is looking for an experiential learning project over a 3-month period. So we should ensure the scope is appropriate for someone with both (a) that level of skills, and (b) that level of time commitment. We could also “double dip” and have more than one fellow in a given quarter, as long as we plan on four (4) across between now and the end of September 2018.

This is in addition to our other outreach & “internship” programs such as Outreachy, Google Summer of Code, etc.

So, let the debate begin … what type of folks should we be looking for?

A couple ideas to get things started:

  • @litlfred is there any value in someone assisting Digital Square with recruitment, documentation, and logistics around the OSC Health SAG?

  • @dmccann perhaps someone with a CS background interested in doing assessments and/or making recommendations around QA platforms & tools?

Hi @downey
Yes some assistance in the documentation would be great. I just got our wiki up yesterday and we need to start filling in content. I already have a placeholder page for the DIAL/Digital Square relationship. If someone also wants to help out in doing the assessments for the Global Good Maturity Model, that would be great as well.

If we have someone with a more IT background, we could also look at checking existence of unit or load testing for global goods/helping to put load/scaling tests in place. Would be great to have the load test results run routinely (e.g. on a release) and published publicly along side some usage / impact statistics (along the lines of the ones Digital Square collected last Spring).


Fantastic. I’ve bookmarked https://wiki.digitalsquare.io/index.php/Main_Page and this could be part of a really helpful research & documentation project.

This is also a very interesting idea … @dmccann might be worth thinking about in terms of our larger infrastructure plans for supporting projects, and maybe extending out beyond member projects to do baselines/comparisons across leading sector projects.