Google Summer of Code 2022?

Hi all.

Is DIAL participating in GSoC 2022? The ODK-X community has benefited from this program in previous years and would be interested in applying to be a sub-org again if that is a possibility.

Hi Jeff,

DIAL won’t be applying to act as an org this year, I’m afraid.

Whilst we recognise the value of the program (and, indeed, would be interested in other similar programs like Outreachy in the future) we are reorganising where this responsibility sits within the organisation so we can give more support in the future.

I personally started at DIAL only in December and trying to get up to speed with everything. GSoC isn’t exactly on my plate but I would be happy if it became so in the future.

In the meantime, hang in there and we will return to this question later in the year to get properly prepared for 2023.

Rachel Lawson, DIAL