Greetings from Bitergia, Hello World!


We are Daniel (@dizquierdo ) and Alberto (@alpgarcia ), members of the Bitergia Consultancy team. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask any questions you may have regarding the dashboard or/and the metrics you are interested in.

As next steps, we are planning the following actions:

  • Create an initial post for the individual projects to introduce the dashboard and us to their respective communities. We’d probably start with the biggest project and follow with the rest in the following weeks.
  • 1 office hour EMEA / AMER friendly 11th June 4 pm CEST
  • 1 office hour APAC friendly 25 June 9:30 am CEST

As a side note, office hours means we are going to be online and available through a video conference link that will be shared beforehand. Anyone can join to chat with us, ask questions, or whatever you may need. During that time we will work live on the Bitergia Analytics Dashboard.

Alberto and Daniel.

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Hi there!

Thanks @alpgarcia for the introductions :).

We’re here to help you to take the most of the dashboard, and we are happy to discuss at any time about metrics, strategy, how to use the dashboard, and any other topic in reality ;).