GSoC @ OSC Weekly Updates

GSoC Update for Week of Monday 2020-02-24

“Happy GSoC” to all @gsoc-mentors in the OSC community! If you’re being notified of this post, it’s becuase we have you listed as mentor or sub-org admin for Google Summer of Code 2020 at part of the DIAL Open Source Center umbrella organization.

Each week (or so, or maybe more frequently!) we’ll be sending out a short overview of things you need to know for the week ahead, and sometimes looking a bit further into the future. This first issue will be a bit longer than typical since we’re just getting started.

So grab a cup of :coffee: or :tea: and settle in for just a few minutes and we’ll help you get oriented.

Your Org Admins for the summer

First of all, your @gsoc-admins for this round are @nribeka and me. We are both GSoC old-timers, so you can count on us for advice and brainstorming as you get started with the program this summer. As with all things OSC, should you get stuck or need assistance, the best way to get help is to send a message to @support here on the OSC Hub, or send an email to

Finally, make sure you’re familiar with the general OSC landing page for GSoC. This is the first stop for students and it will direct them to your sub-org’s profile and ideas pages. It also has all of the details about the program, timeline/dates, tips for students, and much more.

Other Roles & Terms

We’re going to throw around some additional terminology we should all be familiar with. If you’re participating in GSoC under the OSC umbrella, your community is known as a sub-org. Each sub-org has one or more designated sub-org admins who are our primary points of contact for each sub-org’s ideas list, contact information, mentors, etc. Ultimately each sub-org admin is responsible for making sure mentors get their evaluations done and are interacting with selected students. Finally, mentors is a general catch-all term for all sub-org mentors working with a student this summer. Each student project should have both primary and back-up mentors available. Remember, a mentor’s job is not generally to be the “problem solver” but rather to help the student find their own answers using their skills and other community resources.

This week’s focus: IDEAS PAGES and CONTACT METHODS

This week, sub-org admins, with the assistance of potential mentors, need to ensure their sub-org’s ideas page is ready for student eyes. Potential student applicants have already begun looking at ideas lists, so let’s not wait to ensure we have attractive and interested projects for them! :eyes:

Remember, you can continue to refine ides pages as you get student feedback and clarity among your community. Sub-org admins should update their sub-org’s checklist at #programs:gsoc-suborgs category on the Hub to indicate when their ideas pages are “ready enough”. The OSC admins will be checking with sub-org admins later in the week and updating the master tracker to reflect the current status and readiness for the “application” phase.

Finally, make sure that students have a way to get in touch with your community! We encourage these interactions to be in public, such as your community’s forum, mailing list, or chat system. Sub-org admins should take a moment to start at the main OSC GSoC landing page, find their sub-org, and make sure any links for communication work for a student. (For example, make sure they understand how to create an account or sign up for any tools.)

That’s all for now!

TLDR: Potential mentors should make sure you’re in touch with your sub-org admins and happy with your ideas pages, and make sure all mentors & sub-org admins are signed up here on the OSC Hub as well as in the GSoC webapp. If this is not yet the case, contact @support with problems or requests. Feel free to post general questions or discussions in #programs:gsoc-suborgs and we’ll be in touch again in a week or so!