Guidance on transitioning to an open source project

Dear colleagues,

I’ve recently joined this community and look forward to collaborating with other members. I work with Kwantu, a Cape Town based social enterprise. We have developed a platform that makes it possible for business analysts to configure complex administrative data systems for government or other systems that focus on managing operational level data. We’ve also worked extensively on citizen generated data and advocacy data.

Some key areas we’ve focused on include:

Offline first architecture
Workflow engine to manage roles based access to forms
Data interoperability

My motivation for joining this community is to learn from others on transitioning to being an open source project. We see great value in releasing our work as open source and would like to get advice on the areas we should think through as well as types of support available to make this transition.

I look forward to hearing from anyone that can help get us started on this path.



It looks great! What kind of help are you looking for?

Hi Xiaozhe,

Thanks for responding. As a first step I’d welcome the chance to talk with someone involved in the Open Source Center to learn more about the kind of support available.

I have read through the pages on and sent an email requesting to join. However, I’ve yet to get a response.

It would be very helpful to get a better understanding of what this community can offer projects like ours and what is expected in return.

Related to this it would be great to learn about other tools and resources that we should look at that will help with planning this transition.