HOT Tasking Manager: Automatized support for Organised Editing Guidelines

Hello everyone,

My name is João Vitor, Gsoc’20 student and I will be working on the project “Automatized support for Organised Editing Guidelines” with HOT.
In this topic, I will post the project updates and all the necessary information about it.

So happy to contribute to this project! :smiley:


Community Bonding - Week 1:

Firstly, I would like to thank my mentor @felix and HOT for selecting me, so happy with this opportunity!

Before the official announcement, @felix organized a video conference about the project expectations and a quick view of the community bonding period, as the students weren’t announced back then I choose to advance some activities voluntarily. These activities consisted of checking which fields required for automatized Organised Editing Guidelines already are present and which are missing in the Tasking Manager and also, a list of tasks to be done during the project.

After the announcement, we had a new meeting to review the activities made last week. The next steps are posting a comment on the issue of this project to show the advances to the community and receive some feedback. Also, we want to have a small proof of concept of the connection between Tasking Manager and OpenStreetMap.

Looking forward to work with the HOT team and all its community!


Community Bonding - Week 2:

This week, I made all the activities defined in the first-week meeting and defined some tasks for the next week.

I opened this issue in the Tasking Manager repository describing all the work done until now, which helped me to advanced the work with the work plan, adding new content that was unknown before. Also, Implemented a small proof-of-concept service, that is able to get information from an application, like the Tasking Manager, and saves it.

Currently, I am updating the proof-of-concept service with new features requested by @felix .


Community Bonding - Week 3:

Started This week with the updates in the proof-of-concept service with a new endpoint for edit GitHub files through GitHub API and save necessary information into a Postgres database.

Also, updated the Workplan with all knowledge acquired in the last few weeks.

For the next week, the task is creating and editing OpenStreetMap Wiki pages , which can be done with the Python library Pywikibot or directly through the MediaWiki API


Community Bonding - Week 4:

Updated the proof-of-concept service for creating and editing pages in mediawiki instances using the MediaWiki API.

The changes made allow us to report data back to OpenStreetMap Wiki when a project is created and all its information in a MediaWiki instance.
This includes creating a new page in OpenStreetMap Wiki and also updating a page inserting a new project at the table that contains all current projects that follow the Organised editing guidelines

Next week we will update the fields presents in wiki pages, so it is more generalist for automatizing the data report from Tasking Manager to OpenStreetMap