Last call for 2018 Google Summer of Code projects!

We’ve already been in conversation with many of you, and have several projects currently on board and developing ideas, but I wanted to put out a last “public call” for T4D projects that are interested in participating in Google Summer of Code during mid-2018 through the DIAL Open Source Center umbrella organization.

Detailed information about GSoC, and how you can participate through the OSC, is available at:

If you already submitted an application, but are interested in using us as a “Plan B” in case your organization might not be accepted, that’s fine too! Just let us know by writing to @gsoc-admins or replying here.

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Important note for those of you who have already expressed various levels of interest in participating in Google Summer of Code this summer, either with us or by applying directly.

On Sunday morning Google took the unusual step of sending out an announcement to past GSoC orgs letting them know that review of all proposals’ ideas lists would begin as early as Monday at 19:00 UTC. Because we want to help your projects have a successful GSoC, I’m hoping we can each make a last-minute push here based on Google’s recommendations.

What this means to you:

If your project is still hoping to participate in GSoC this summer, please make sure you have at least a couple of idea descriptions listed on your ideas page. Of course the more ideas you have, the better, but you can also keep adding ideas over the coming weeks. (If you applied directly to Google, make sure this list can be easily seen from the link you provided in your application.) In addition to making sure general information about your project is available alongside the list of ideas, each project idea should have at least “title” as well as a short bullet point about the following things:

  1. A few sentences that describe the project idea purpose, value, and a description of the work to be done. This need not go into any great detail yet.
  2. A short list of the things that the student should know to be good at the project — e.g., certain language or data skills, or other basic experiences they should have. Remember that they are students and some “learning on the job” is OK, but if there are “musts” (or even “nice to haves”) that you already know, make sure they’re written here.
  3. Your best guess as to if this project is “easy”, “medium”, or “hard”, especially as that difficulty level compares to the other project ideas you have listed, and general work on the project. It’s best if you can have a variety of difficulty levels.
  4. One or more names of mentors that might assist a selected student with each project idea. Ideally, you will have different names for each project idea. It’s OK to have a duplicate or two, but it’s generally discouraged for a single mentor to be helping on more than one or two projects in the summer. Bonus points if you have a “backup” mentor listed.
  5. Optionally, any links to additional reading about this project. This may be a project idea discussion on your forum or mailing list, a bug filed or discussion in an issue tracker, or some other materials that support the value and understanding of this project idea.

If your ideas page is already in progress, please make sure it’s ready for Google to look at and you have at least a couple ideas written up by Monday at 19:00 UTC. We have prepared a sample project ideas page at that you can review. See also Google’s new list of tips at for ideas pages. You can ABSOLUTELY keep working on your ideas page, including revising or changing your ideas, after Monday. But it sounds like Google wants to see that your project has got some initial ideas about projects already, as of Monday.

If you haven’t already done so and you want to participate through the DIAL Open Source Center, please make sure I have the URL where you’ll post your ideas page (wiki, web site, forum, etc.) so I can link it to our proposal for Google to see.

I’m happy to help however I can. Feel free to email me directly or contact @gsoc-admins here on the forum.