March Sprint Report

The DIAL Engineering Team produces a monthly sprint report, highlighting the work done in the previous month. The February report follows. Most of the work was oriented around supporting DIAL’s ICT4SDG work, specifically in the development of the online catalog found at

All issues can be tracked in Gitlab:


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Sprint 10 – 3/1/2020 – 3/31/2020

Primary focuses were Creating Custom Portals and Performance Enhancements. With these changes, a user can customize the online catalog (colors, landing page, and what objects and filters are shown). We have also improved performance and load times and implemented infinite scrolling to improve the user experience. Finally, we imported all of the data from the new Public Goods repository, including new products (and logos) and associations with organizations.

This month, we tracked 213 actual hours against these tasks. The tracking may still be incomplete.

Issues Completed (25, weight of 210 hours)

Issue ID Title
403 Implement infinite scroll for projects
405 Implement infinite scroll for organizations
402 Implement infinite scroll for products
410 Organization Logos rendering incorrectly on product show page
404 Add geography to project card and project view page
411 Optimize product index page load
406 Logo uploads and compression
407 Refactor multiple products into one card
412 Updates to project map page
408 Look for ways to optimize filtering/make more performant
401 Update product blacklist
397 Update sync with UNICEF list to include the owning organization.
380 Create portal_view table
384 Allow user to see only certain types of products or organizations
385 Add UI for defining portals
387 Configure UI for different portals
386 Navigate to portal based on subdomain
381 Render top navigation and filter navigation from portal_view table
383 Allow admins to assign roles to portals
382 Add filtering functionality for project data
396 Update project filtering
372 ODK has repo statistics, but no “code repository” url
388 Document portal functionality
309 Create projects file for DIAL
367 Work on Volume 2 of integration profile