Migrate OSC documentation site to Discourse?

As many of you know, we’ve talked about what to do with our http://docs.osc.dial.community/en/latest/ repository for a while now.

Originally, we tried looking at how to use only Discourse to host the docs, but found the presentation not very useful and thus went with the Read The Docs platform. We were able to (in theory) integrate each doc there with Discourse for comments, but that didn’t pan out to be very useful.

In keeping with the long-term vision for the Hub here, I think I’ve convinced myself that a new-ish plugin for Discourse for “knowledge base” management will do the job. Here’s a demo/example:


What do folks think? (Especially @harensen & @jwatson.) It should hopefully be a fairly painless migration, and a step toward unifying our information.

@sconrad I think we would keep the registry site as long as it’s useful; docs deployed alongside code still seems to make good sense on the RTD platform IMHO …

Update: Here’s a quick mockup of what it’d look like for us, using the old RTD comment stubs: https://hub.osc.dial.community/docs

OK, quick update. I think I have https://hub.osc.dial.community/docs in a good enough place (visually etc.) to start directing traffic over here.

The next step obviously is to get the docs updated beyond the most urgent changes to GSoC stuff, which will do in the next few weeks.

Last chance for anyone to speak now or “forever” hold your peace … (@harensen @jwatson)

FYI for @sconrad, this will not affect the registry docs, we’ll keep them in place until we sort out a longer-term plan for the RTD platform.