Moja global: Refactor FLINT Core Code Base

Hello everyone, my name is Parth Arora, GSoC’20 student @project-mojaglobal.
During the summer of code period, I will be working on the project “Refactor FLINT Core Code Base”.
I will be using this topic for my weekly blog post updates regarding my project.
Excited to work on this project. :slightly_smiling_face:


Week 1 of GSoC’20:

Community Bounding Begins!
First of all, things started by having a video conference call(by @Guy Sir ). It was a great meeting with all the directors, mentors and my colleagues :family_man_man_boy_boy:, they give the great introduction of the community and also how the community works, Knowing about how FLINT works and how it helps to reduce emission in the environment, was something that touched my heart and makes me more energetic to contribute towards the organization. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Fist Task:
The task was to decide the best platform to post our weekly and monthly deliverables and to communicate your plans and progress.
It was a great discussion with @abhi211199, @abhineet97 and @sulay15399 about deciding the platform.
We were able to arrive at a solution and submitted our first deliverable!

Looking forward to the journey ahead and working with @mfrancis ! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is the result of the stand-up for this week.

Last week was successful. The students decided where and how to post their work. We will post weekly blogs here and on a specially created repo on our GitHub. We will also use GitHub to post our workplan and progress for each item. We will have weekly deliverables (issues) that will be resolved.

This week, the focus will be on getting a workplan in place by the end of the week. This will require close communication between the student and the mentor. We are still figuring out how it will work precisely.

The challenge this week will clearly be to get the communication to work. There is some reluctance on the side of the students to get the attention of the mentors. They should be not hesitate to get attention for their queries. If necessary they can use other channels of communication or ask other mentors or admins to assist.

But overall we are off on a great start. Looking forward to the workplans!

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[Community Bonding Period] Week 2:

Task: Project Plan

I have published my Project Plan here.
And meanwhile communicating with my mentor @mfrancis sir, to review and give the feedback, got positive feedback from him. :slightly_smiling_face:
And now discussing on the requirement analysis(Technology Stack) with the mentor and getting them finalised and approved. :innocent:

And at the weekends, I will install the Example version of the project, so by this the I can easily understand the basic of the software and can install the main version of it next week.


I really like your workplan. Excellent work.
I hope you will manage to install the example this weekend and get the whole package working next week. And then the real work can start.
Nice to see you got moving so quickly. Thx


[Community Bonding Period] Week 3:

Community Bonding Continues
In this week we had a group video call. It was a crucial one where all the team members were asked for their opinions on what’s going well and what needs work.
We identified that Moja global’s documentation needs work and communication medium (Slack) is great.

Apart from that, my task was to install the FLINT version on my computer, with a proper build environment. I started it installed all the dependencies, all working fine.
But during the collaboration of all, I got some error in the Docker part because of some memory and Ram issue, I will reinstall the stuff and try to complete the installation part at the end of this week.
Apart from that this week I come across a challenge, On the way of installation I got a challenge from Google the challenge(its secret google hiring challenge) so I spent time on doing this too.


So much great news and nice progress this week. Thank you for offering to document the installation process. This would really help us a lot. We know that it can get complicated to set up everything correctly. I know you had a small problem but you that is way, way, way better than the average. So super well done.
But I am really impressed that you can be addicted to TV series, do a good job and take part in a challenge. :star_struck:
I hope you get hired by Google!