New report: Best practices and concerns about GDPR compliance

Since the GDPR took effect in 2018, many folks working in NGOs have had a lot of questions. Not only are non-profits worried about how to comply with the regulations, many are also worried the new rules could be turned against them to disclose sensitive information or obstruct organizations’ advocacy efforts. Are those concerns reasonable?

Ben Hayes and Lucy Hannah from Data Protection Support & Management, a UK-based consulting organization, recently explored these issues in a new 82-page newly published by Open Society Foundations.

The key takeaway of the authors in their report? “GDPR compliance is an integral part of organisational resilience, and it requires resources and attention from NGO leaders, foundations and regulators to defend their organisations against attempts by governments and corporations to misuse the GDPR against them.”

Want to skip straight to the report? Download it here:

Civil Society Organizations and General Data Protection Regulation Compliance: Challenges, Opportunities, and Best Practices
civil-society-organizations-and-gdpr-compliance-20200210.pdf (723.9 KB PDF, 82 pages)

What do you think about the report and the issues and concerns it rasises? How are you handling GDPR in your nonprofits or your open source communities, if at all? Reply to this topic and let’s discuss your experiences and concerns!