Next steps for digital sustainability workbook etc

@sfarooqi and I just had a quick meeting by voice/video regarding the new content for the new “digital workbook” concept for documentation, toolkits, and guidebooks.

We agreed that we need to discuss with @harensen after he’s back next week and make sure we capture all of the various threads and streams and make sure we’re not missing anything in terms of requirements. After that is sorted out, we’ll have a separate discussion with @allana and perhaps @shermankong to make sure we capture any requirements in terms of formatting or delivery expectations.

Based on today’s discussion, our current thinking is to maintain the content in a repository on GitLab and publish to one (or more!) Read The Docs sites, such as our prior internal OSC policy docs (that moved here to the Hub this week) or the new & current documentation we are shipping alongside the code for the product catalog for DIAL.

I will set up a sandbox in the next couple days, which will probably just be a fork/copy of the above-mentioned documentation repo so we can play around and start looking at possible tweaks to accomodate the various elements of the documentation we foresee. Will update this topic with links.

Meanwhile, if anyone has questions before next week’s discussions, feel free to chime in! :left_speech_bubble: