Nonprofit status needed for DIAL grants?


Do we (a group of two programmers) need to register an official
nonprofit in order to apply for your grant?

I hope not, because registering a nonprofit involves some spents and we
are short of money now.

Hi Victor. We don’t require a non-profit organization to receive grant funding. However, there will need to be a legal entity to receive funding, of course. Grants are generally judged on their merits, though – our finance team works through the logistics once a grant recipient is identified.

Our next round of grants is scheduled for around the April timeframe, so stay tuned to the forums and our web site for more details coming then.

Hope this is helpful!

Is it OK that I would receive the grant to my personal bank (or PayPal) account and distribute the money between project participants or other needs.

Once the money is distributed to the project, it’s up to that project to decide how it is managed, so we can’t offer any specific advice there. (We recommend each project work with an accountant or other tax professional to make sure that they are aware of any relevant legal issues!)

Our financial team does do a detailed review of potential recipients (after selection) to ensure that they are able to comply with reporting & other legal requirements of the grant.

Somewhat related:

Everyone should keep in mind that DIAL Open Source Center grants are generally only awarded to projects that align well with our mission of serving international development and/or humanitarian response initiatives. General-purpose software, as well as software without a track record of collaboration or “real world deployments” are unlikely to be competitive with other applicants. See this excerpt from our last grant round for examples of things that aren’t generally funded:

  • Individuals working independently on non-collaborative projects.
  • Proprietary software projects, e.g., software not licensed under an OSI or FSF approved license.
  • Projects with wider scope (users, purpose, contributor/maintainer organizations) will be favored over projects with narrower scope.
  • Funding will be allocated for contributions to multi-stakeholder open source projects.
  • Efforts on existing projects preferred, but we will consider proposals aimed at starting new multi-stakeholder projects (or features), or re-invigorating dormant ones.

Hope this information is helpful!

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