Notes from DIAL metrics rubric indicators meeting 2020-02-26

Although I did not lead the meeting, I wanted to jot down a few outcomes from the very insightful meeting held 2020-02-26T16:00:00Z about the DIAL project for building a rubric of indicators to evaluate FLOSS public good projects. Thanks to @shermankong for leading the meeting. @harensen, @sconrad, @jwatson, & @sfarooqi also participated – any of you can feel free to add additional comments you like regarding the meeting yesterday.

  • The various pair-teams have reviewed indicators groups 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 9 to identify high-priority ones we want to include in the first set for public review.
  • @shermankong is going to write up a summary of “what’s in and what’s out” with a short introduction/primer to the approach.
  • @downey will introduce @shermankong to @GeorgLink who may be interested in tracking this work from his involvement with both CHAOSS and Bitergia; Sherman will introduce him to the project’s work and the review package.
  • This intro package will be shared out publicly and targeted to several reviewers in our larger ecosystem, including @partner-dsquare. The goal of the review is to make sure we haven’t overlooked any key indicators needed by the various evaluation use cases we hope to support. Once we see consensus or alignment on the list, then –
  • The group will re-convene to fill out the “implementation template” describing how to measure each of the priority indicators and how it can be weighted and integrated into a full assessment.

I hope my summary is both concise as well as accurate! :slight_smile: Feel free to point out any corrections or omissions you think we should add here. Looking forward to the continued progress.

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Thanks @downey

I look forward to learning more :slight_smile:.

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