ODK/ODK-X Sub-Org Admin

GSoC Sub-Org Admin Checklist/Timeline: ODK

Pre-application phase

[*] Start ideas list (5 February)
Finalize ideas list (20 February)
Respond to student inquiries, update ideas accordingly

Application phase

[*] Assist students with proposals & questions (16-31 March)
Review bugs/patches/pull/merge requests from students
[*] Prioritize & review student proposals/applications
[*] Identify top candidates and inform @gsoc-admins of slots desired
Identify final accepted candidates
(Optional) de-duplicate candidates accepted by multiple projects

Community bonding phase

[*] Announce accepted students (27 April)
[*] Ensure students & mentors have agreed on & publish project plan, timeline, milestones
[*] Ensure student is ready for start date (18 May)

Coding phase (18 May - 10 August)

Ensure mentors are having regular checkins (weekly) with students
Ensure mentors complete first evaluation (15-17 June)
Ensure mentors complete second evaluation (13-15 July)

Evaluations and closeout

Ensure mentors complete final evaluation (17-22 August)
Announce results in community & celebrate student successes (25 August)

Hi @jeff.beorse. Based on our past conversations and changes last week, I think ODK are probably OK to check off the “finalize ideas list” from the checklist above. What do you think?

Hi @downey. My only hesitation with checking that box is that this post hasn’t been updated with Callum’s project idea. But I see we are well behind schedule here and understand if we should just call it now. I will reach out to Helene to get a status there and try to be put in contact with Callum. We can safely say that there will be no new project ideas after Callum’s.

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No worries! “Finalize” as a term used here, can be a bit flexible. As long as the fundamentals aren’t really shifting on student applicants, it’s OK to continue to add detail or clarity, especially if potential students are uncovering “frequently asked” questions.

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Ok! Thanks! I’ll check this one off then. Thanks for the support!

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