Open Event: Frontend reimplementation using react

{Open-Event Eventyay}: { Frontend reimplementation using react}

About Me

I am Ranjit Shah pursuing Btech in CSE from NSUT East Campus, Delhi currently in final year. I love to listen lofi-music and watch dragon ball anime.

About My Project

To revamp current eventyay site into new one from Emberjs to React with NEXT and setup frontend modelling ,similar UI-UX behaviour, write tests and maintain quality code.

My Time Zone

Indian Standard Time (UTC +5:30)

Getting in Touch

Github: ranjitkshah (ranjit shah) · GitHub
Blog: ranjit shah - DEV Community

Community Bonding Period Update [17 May - 6 June]

  • During this period, I took bi-weekly meetings with mentors and other contributors.
  • understand the codebase and learned devops technolgy (docker, github actions ) that we are using for production deployment
  • Fixes some issues and review other contributor’s pull request
  • Daily scrum updates can be found here .
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Weekly Update: Week 1 [7 June - 13 June]

Previous Week Standup

  • Worked on some bug fixes of project.
  • Attended deployment workshop held by mentors.
  • Attended bi-weekly meets and discussed blockers and priortized issues on both server and frontend.

Work Submitted

  • Session and Exhibitor Form Simplify Slide Form Element. #7321
  • Session CSV Export Show Average Rating and Number of Ratings. #8013
  • CSV Ticket Export: Add Payment Info #8019
  • WIP : “Event document feature”. #7335
  • Server-Down fix due to flask-version-downgrade to 2.7.0 #7998
  • Reviewed pull requests of other contributors.

Daily scrums are here .

Next Week Plan

  • Work on add event document feature.
  • Work on feature ( allow event as a start page )
  • Learn how to deploy the server to production manually