Open Event: Reimplementing frontend in react

{Open Event Eventyay}: {Reimplementing open event frontend in react}

About Me

Myself Sundaram Dubey. Final year HBTU CSE student.
This is my first year with GSoC. I have been an active contributor with FOSSASIA since 2019.
Apart from coding, I love movies :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

About My Project

Open Event Frontend was initially developed using Ember framework, due to lack of support in Ember, the current project has a lot of bugs and most of the time developers are occupied fixing the bug with Ember rather than improving the project. Hence, the project will now be re implemented using React with Next. The devOps part of the project will be handled in the GSoC period as well along with server improvements.

My Time Zone

UTC +5:30 [IST], India

Getting in Touch

GitHub: maze-runnar (Sundaram Dubey) ยท GitHub

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