Open Event: Reimplementing frontend in react

{Open Event Eventyay}: {Reimplementing open event frontend in react}

About Me

Myself Sundaram Dubey. Final year HBTU CSE student.
This is my first year with GSoC. I have been an active contributor with FOSSASIA since 2019.
Apart from coding, I love movies :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

About My Project

Open Event Frontend was initially developed using Ember framework, due to lack of support in Ember, the current project has a lot of bugs and most of the time developers are occupied fixing the bug with Ember rather than improving the project. Hence, the project will now be re implemented using React with Next. The devOps part of the project will be handled in the GSoC period as well along with server improvements.

My Time Zone

UTC +5:30 [IST], India

Getting in Touch

GitHub: maze-runnar (Sundaram Dubey) Β· GitHub

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Previous Week Standup

  1. Worked on issues from both server and frontend.
  2. Attended bi-weekly meets and discussed blockers and issues to be solved at priority.
  3. Solved high priority issues assigned.

Work Submitted

  1. Added tests for server.
  2. adding checks for event publishing
  3. adding reminder email for ticket sales end
  4. If user is ordering paid ticket, user need not to be verified.
  5. Making UI responsive for mobile view
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submitted work

All scrums are here

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Work Submitted

  1. Removing deprecated end points for attendee.
  2. Reviewing PR of other and completing them
  3. Migrating test to pytest
  4. Adding server side check for multiple document upload
  5. Working on migrating to marshmallow-sqlalchemy
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Work Submitted

  1. Adding One Click signup for events. User can register for events using that registration. It needed changes on server and frontend both, in huge amount.
  2. Enhancing Group feature of application by classifying between upcoming and past events.
  3. UI enhancement on admin panel
  4. Simplifying the schedule page for mobile view.
  5. Reviewing and completing pending PRs by other contributors.
  6. My scrums can be found here
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Work Submitted

  1. Admin section UI enhancement
  2. show better format on ICS calendar, without HTML tags
  3. set a event page as default, instead of default page
  4. Group feature enhancement
  5. Allow admin to change pay status for any invoice.
  6. Simplifying admin sales page.
  7. - Scrum report
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Work Submitted

  1. Daily Scrum
  2. Improve ticket cancellation interaction for users.
  3. Make the admin sales page sortable by the number of sales tickets, and total price.
  4. Show commit version on Admin index page.
  5. Strip HTML tags from the ICS calendar.
  6. Stop redirection when an event is set as default start page.

Work Submitted

  1. Fixing ticket layout issue in my ticket section
  2. Allow admin to restore deleted group
  3. Fixing layout issues in session page
  4. Adding search option at followers page, to search by name and email.
  5. Formatting localized currency according to country
  6. Don’t send invoice reminder to organizations, if the payment status is marked as resolved by admin.
  7. Scrum Report