Open Event: Stabilise Project and Reimplement Frontend

Eventyay Open Event: Stabilise Open Event Project and Reimplement Frontend

About Me

Myself Sachin Chauhan. I am from India. I am pursuing B.Tech in I.T from MAIT, GGSIPU. I am a prefinal year student. It is my first project with GSoC.

About My Project

This project aim to stabilise Eventyay Open Event Project. This include handling deployment of project and also fixing high priority issues. This also aim to move Eventyay Open Event Frontend from EmberJS to ReactJs in order to make use of modern web technologies and state-of-the-art techniques to provide users and developers a better, faster and more professional experience.

My Timezone

Indian Standard Time (UTC +5:30)

Getting in touch


Community Bonding Period Update [17 May - 6 June]

  • During this period, I took bi-weekly meetings with mentors.
  • Discussed the project plans and the timeline with mentors.
  • Learned the deployment of project.
  • Go through code base of project.
  • Fixes some bugs of project.
  • Reviewed other pull requests.
  • Daily scrum updates can be found here .

My goal for the upcoming week will be to:

  • Fix more high priority issues to stabilise project.
  • Implement required features.
  • Handle production server of project.