Open Source licenses AMA session

Continuing the discussion from Webinar: Open Source licenses AMA:

Our friends over at Tidelift are sponsoring another AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) session about open source licenses, featuring three experts:

  • Luis Villa has been involved with the writing of several FLOSS licenses;
  • Josh Simmons is the current board president of the Open Source Initiative; and
  • McCoy Smith, an lawyer with several decades of experience and focusing on open source tech law.

You might enjoy this session if:

  • You attended our last webinar and didn’t get an answer to your questions
  • You are interested in learning more about the Open Source Initiative and how it works
  • You’ve googled any of the following: “copyleft licenses,” “open source license compliance,” “how to choose an open source license,” “what is the difference between MIT or GPL or Mozilla license?”
  • Your organization has ever faced legal consequences because you’re using a package with a non-compliant license
  • You need help figuring out which licenses your organization should allow
  • You use open source software at all—you really should understand the basics of the licensing side of things.

Register now at the Tidelift website for this free-of-charge event.