Outreachy launch tips for mid-year 2020

Greetings to @outreachy-mentors participating in mid-year 2020!

Hopefully many of you received an email this week regarding activities for Week 1 of this current term of the program. If not, please contact the Outreachy organizers or the OSC Outreachy team to make sure you are getting the right message. In the meanwhile, we wanted to emphasize a few key things as the program gets started.

Urgent things to double-check

Highlighting content from that email, please do make sure you have been able to take care of all of these goals by the end of this week:

  • Set up a weekly real-time conversation to check in with your intern. This could take place either in chat, phone, or video chat.
  • Let your mentee know what day and times you’ll be available to answer questions.
  • Be responsive to questions from your intern.
  • Send your intern documentation or other resources to help them learn more about your community and their first tasks. You may need to create it if it doesn’t exist.
  • Spend time with your intern explaining community norms, such as contribution style requirements, where to ask questions, who is working on this part of the project, etc.

Above all, please do what you can to make sure your Outreachy intern feels like a regular contributor to your project. By the end of the program, you may find that they will stick around your community long after the project is complete!

Getting support

As always, the DIAL Open Source Center team is here to support you in creating a good mentorship experience for your intern(s). If you have any questions or would like to set up a time to discuss concerns or ideas, please send a direct message here on the OSC Hub to @support or send an email to osc-support@dial.community. You can also contact the Outreachy overall program organizers directly by email if you have concerns. Additionally, there is an Outreachy mentors mailing list and a “mentors” stream on the Outreachy Tulip chat server available to you.

Sharing your stories

You may have seen that Outreachy asks each intern to write a blog post every two weeks about their overall progress in the program. We are happy to help your students share their blog posts – they can be cross-posted here on the OSC Hub if your intern so desires. Please have them contact us using the information above if they are interested.

Finally, we are on the lookout for interesting project ideas and/or student stories to share with the world. If you are mentoring an Outreach project that you feel is particularly interesting, or working with a student with a unique background or story that you think others would enjoy hearing, and if you would be interesting in helping us co-author a profile story about it, please get in touch with us directly using the information above.

We hope you and everyone in your community is staying health and safe during the challenging days of the pandemic affecting all of us – and we hope that Outreachy is a refreshing and rewarding change of pace for you over the coming weeks.

Take care,

@downey & @nribeka
OSC Outreachy Coordinators

PS: If you got a notification about this message, it may mean you’re currently listed as a member in our @outreachy-mentors group on the OSC Hub. If you’re no longer actively involved as an Outreachy mentor or organizer, you may want to opt out of this group, which you can do on the group’s profile page.