Outreachy Twitter Chat (Mid-Year 2020)

The next #OutreachyChat will be 2020-02-11T16:00:00Z. Each round, Outreachy has a Twitter chat to introduce the program. We have questions for both mentors and alums. Potential Outreachy applicants are encouraged to ask questions of mentors and alums during and after the chat. If you are a one of the @outreachy-mentors from OSC projects, we’d love for you to join in with your insight!

Here is how the chat will work for mentors and alums: The Outreachy organizers will be tweeting from @Outreachy account and will pose the questions below with an interval of 5-10 minutes between questions. The questions are prefaced with Q1, Q2, and so on, and correspondingly, you will need to reply with A1, A2, and so on in your answers. You will also need to use the hashtag #OutreachyChat in all your tweets related to the chat.

The following questions are used for the chat:

Q1: For perspective applicants: What questions do you have for mentors, alums, or organizers? #OutreachyChat

Q2: For alums and mentors: Please introduce yourself. What community (did you intern with/are you mentoring for)? #OutreachyChat

Q3: For alums and mentors: What do you love about participating in Outreachy? #OutreachyChat

Q4: For mentors: What is the project you are mentoring? What skills do people need to apply? What skills can they learn from you? #OutreachyChat

Q4: For alums: What community did you intern with? What was your project? What did you learn during the internship? #OutreachyChat

Q5: For alums and mentors: What is the Outreachy application process like? Do you have advice for applicants on how to stand out? #OutreachyChat

Thanks in advance to all those who participate!

Just a friendly reminder to those of you who have been, or are planning to be @outreachy-mentors. This Twitter Chat is always a great way for prospective students to both learn more about the Outreachy program as well as a little bit about you and your organization.

Please join us if your schedule permits, and share the word with your colleagues who participate in Outreachy! :bird:

I missed this sadly :frowning:

No worries @robbyoconnor - I have noticed a few people still adding their follow ups with the #OutreachyChat hashtag on Twitter, even today. Thanks to everyone who participated and most of all thanks to all of our @outreachy-mentors for all of the support you give applicants!

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