Presentation & Video: Metrics for single-org-led open source projects

For those of you who are curious to learn more about how metrics can be useful for open source projects that tend to be led by a single organization (this is currently the case by many ICT4D projects!) you will probably enjoy this talk given by Ray Paik at CHAOSScon Europe 2019.

In the presentation, Ray talks compares and contrasts his experience working on OPNFV and then at GitLab, and shows how he used some of the various metrics dashboards:

These are the same tools and dasbhoards that we are rolling out for OSC member projects, so hopefully this video will be inspiring for you as you start to think about how to use the tools to make your community more powerful and successful.

Download presentation slides:
Metrics-Company-Led-OSS-Project.pdf (PDF file, 14 slides, 1.3 MB)