Primero Sub-Org Admin

GSoC Sub-Org Admin Checklist/Timeline: Primero

Pre-application phase

[*] Start ideas list (5 February)
[*] Finalize ideas list (20 February)
[*] Respond to student inquiries, update ideas accordingly

Application phase

[*] Assist students with proposals & questions (16-31 March)
[*] Review bugs/patches/pull/merge requests from students
[*] Prioritize & review student proposals/applications
[*] Identify top candidates and inform @gsoc-admins of slots desired
[*] Identify final accepted candidates
[*] (Optional) de-duplicate candidates accepted by multiple projects

Community bonding phase

Announce accepted students (27 April)
Ensure students & mentors have agreed on & publish project plan, timeline, milestones
Ensure student is ready for start date (18 May)

Coding phase (18 May - 10 August)

Ensure mentors are having regular checkins (weekly) with students
Ensure mentors complete first evaluation (15-17 June)
Ensure mentors complete second evaluation (13-15 July)

Evaluations and closeout

Ensure mentors complete final evaluation (17-22 August)
Announce results in community & celebrate student successes (25 August)