Primero User Customisation Project

Hi! I am Nidhi Kumari. I’ll be working with Primero on the Primero User Customisation Project. I am so excited to start working on this project. Thanks to my mentors @ian @jpanchalingam @rmactavish for selecting me and for helping me :slight_smile:

I’ll be using this thread to share my blog posts and journey throughout the Google Summer Of Code programme :grin:


Hi! Talking about the blog post. This is the blog that I wrote about the community bonding period at Primero. My interactions with the mentors and about the discussions we had to work on the project together.

Do Give it a read. Thanks :slight_smile:


This week, I worked with my mentors to design the workflow. I learnt a lot about web accessibility and how we are going to add it to our project. This week’s blog is about the basics of accessibility and why is it important. It has got some really life examples, stats and my current work

My bogs about accessibility will be in a series where I will be including examples from my project. So, this series will be really informative for everyone who wants to start with accessibility. Hope you all like it :slight_smile: