Proposing A Non-Profit Funding dApp

Hello Everyone.

I’m proposing an ethereum based dApp. It’s will be a fund-raising application for Non-Profits and other institutions who require funding for Humanitarian purposes. The smart contract, written in solidity will be deployed over the Ethereum Network. All transaction will be in Ether. This decentralised application will solidify trust in the Non-profit. The main advantage of using the Ethereum Blockchain are:-

  1. The contributors to the project will approve any transaction that intends to withdraw the Ether from the project account. Hence, all the money in the project account will be used when the majority of contributors reach a consensus.

  2. Complete Transparency - Anyone can check the solidity code of the contract, the amount of Ether the Non-Profit has raised, where it has been utilised (All the transactions of the contract).

  3. Immutability - No one can tamper the smart contract after deployment or change the transaction history of the contract account.

  4. As the smart contract will be deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet. It will not depend on any hosting service like AWS or Firebase.

Why it’s possible - No web application can control a bank account. Smart Contract can easily control Ethereum Balance/Account

@downey, any views/suggestions?