PSLab: Add support to sigrok

About Me
Myself Kartikay Sharma, a B.Tech sophomore based in Delhi, India. Making small changes for the greater good.
My epinephrine - Code, Cars, and Cricket :rocket:

My Project
The sigrok project is a signal analysis software suite that supports various measurement devices such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, multimeters, etc. Since PSLab provides several such instruments, My project is to add PSLab as a mixed-signal device to libsigrok. Daily Scrums can be found here.

My Time Zone
Indian Standard Time (UTC +5:30)

Getting in touch
GitHub: kartikaysharma01
LinkedIn: kartikaysharma01
Twitter: kartikaysharma0
Instagram: kartikaysharma01

Week 1-2: 17 May - 30 May

  • Had a few meetings with mentors and other organization members and discussed the next steps
  • Merged new device skeleton code in the main repo.
  • Read the sigrok documentation and familiarized myself more with the project.
  • Started work on device connection

Week 3: 31 May - 06 June

  • Received my PSLab dev board this week
  • Got familiar with the dev board
  • Setup Valgrind.
  • Completed work on device connection

Week 4: 07 June - 13 June

  • Improved device connection
  • made PR to send version commands to device and store the response
  • worked towards oscilloscope integration
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Week 5-6: 14 June - 27 June

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Week 7: 28 June - 04 July

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Week 8: 05 July- 11 July

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Week 9: 12 July- 18 July

  • Completed changes to Oscilloscope integration PR
  • Coded PWM generator
  • Had detailed conversations with the community on the project structure and future steps
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Week 10: 19 July- 25 July

  • Tested PWM generator
  • Opened PR for PWM generator
  • Started work on Logic Analyzer
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Week 11: 26 July- 01 August

  • Had detailed conversations with the community about the logic analyzer instrument approach and functioning
  • Opened Draft PR for Logic Analyzer
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Week 12: 02 August - 08 August

Week 13: 09 August - 15 August

  • PWM PR merged :rocket:
  • Project slowed down for the week due to personal reasons (approved by mentors)

Week 14: 16 August - 23 August

This week officially marked the end of the Google Summer of Code Program. I worked on my final report, and the link for the same can be found here. Project status, work done, and work yet to be completed are mentioned in the final report. I want to use this space to thank DIAL and Pocket Science Lab for providing me with this amazing opportunity. The support from the mentors throughout the program was extraordinary. Org admins, especially @downey, too did a wonderful job to make sure the program runs smoothly. I hope the work done under this project will bring some value to the organization.
Although this is my last blog under this topic, I can be reached on any of the social handles mentioned at the beginning of this running topic; regarding this or any other possible future projects. See you all around the community. Until next time. Adios.