PSLab: Add support to sigrok

About Me
Myself Kartikay Sharma, B.Tech sophomore based in Delhi, India. Making Small changes for a greater good.
My epinephrine - Code, Cars and Cricket :rocket:

My Project
The sigrok project is a signal analysis software suite which supports various measurement devices such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, multimeters, etc. Since PSLab provides several such instruments, My project is to add PSLab as a mixed signal device to libsigrok.

My Time Zone
Indian Standard Time (UTC +5:30)

Getting in touch
GitHub: kartikaysharma01
LinkedIn: Kartikay Sharma
Twitter: kartikaysharma0
Instagram: kartikaysharma01

Week 1-2: 17 May - 30 May

  • Had a few meetings with mentors and other organization members and discussed the next steps
  • Merged new device skeleton code in the main repo.
  • Read the sigrok documentation and familiarized myself more with the project.
  • Started work on device connection

Week 3: 31 May - 06 June

  • Received my PSLab dev board this week
  • Got familiar with the dev board
  • Setup Valgrind.
  • Completed work on device connection