Public Lab: Editor Repair and Fortification

July 1, 2020

In the previous 2 weeks, I worked on the Custom Insert module and Custom Map Module. This will help to insert various syntax in an easy manner, which was very difficult to remember for an unknown to this syntax

Here is the design for Custom Insert Text


Here is the design for Custom Insert Maps

Now you can select from dropdown different option to insert: Notes, Nodes, Wikis, Activity, Question and different way to Insert: Grid or List
Similarly, For Maps we have different Option: Latitude, Longitude, and tags

Way Foward:
Both of the Modules mentioned above need to protected by test and if there could be better design in terms of Small screen user that needs to be implemented

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July 8, 2020
Design for Small Screen
Previous week I tried to implement different approached for a better design for mobile view of Custom Insert Module, but was unsuccessful in implementing modal, but i did some little design changes so that we can atleast use it till we do our next brainstorming. Here is look for mobile view

Adding tests
I have successfully added the test for both Custom Insert text Map and Custom Insert text
Test implemented can be seen here (for Custom Inser text) , (for Custom Insert Map)

Mentor @jywarren

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