Public Lab Sub-Org Admin

GSoC Sub-Org Admin Checklist/Timeline: Public Lab

Pre-application phase

Start ideas list (5 February)
Finalize ideas list (20 February)
Respond to student inquiries, update ideas accordingly

Application phase

Assist students with proposals & questions (16-31 March)
Review bugs/patches/pull/merge requests from students
Prioritize & review student proposals/applications
Identify top candidates and inform @gsoc-admins of slots desired
Identify final accepted candidates
(Optional) de-duplicate candidates accepted by multiple projects

Community bonding phase

Announce accepted students (27 April)
Ensure students & mentors have agreed on & publish project plan, timeline, milestones
Ensure student is ready for start date (18 May)

Coding phase (18 May - 10 August)

Ensure mentors are having regular checkins (weekly) with students
Ensure mentors complete first evaluation (15-17 June)
Ensure mentors complete second evaluation (13-15 July)

Evaluations and closeout

Ensure mentors complete final evaluation (17-22 August)
Announce results in community & celebrate student successes (25 August)

Hi @emilyashley (& maybe @jywarren if you are back yet!) – taking a close look at the Public Lab GSoC materials, it looks like you’d be safe to check off the “finalize ideas list” from the above checklist. Would you concur?

Yes, that’s right. Thank you! Updating this now. Is there a sense of how many slots we should aim for under the DIAL umbrella? Thank you!

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Not really – we want to make our request based on how many good applicants you all are getting, so we’ll want a number from each sub-org by 2020-04-12T00:00:00Z as currently scheduled: Google Summer of Code 2020 @ Open Source Center

So TLDR, focus on getting as many good idea-mentor-applicant combos as you can, and we’ll aim for that!

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Thanks, that’s great to know. We’re also curious if the mentor stipends are something that you typically pass through – just trying to plan ahead to have good mentor coverage for these projects and we usually use those funds to support some of our mentors. Just something we need to plan for either way, thank you regardless!