Question about Ghostscript licensing

The developers of Camelot project has this question on license, Hope someone can share their insights. Thanks

Camelot uses ghostscript (a GPLv3 licensed project, which is a wrapper on top of ghostscript, an AGPL licensed project) to convert PDFs to PNGs in order to do line recognition and table detection in the Lattice flavor. Back when Camelot was created, we used ghostscript because it was the best solution out there for converting a PDF to a PNG, and we didn’t know about how Camelot’s license (MIT) is incompatible with ghostscript’s license (GPL and AGPL). Since then I’ve read that if you extend/use a GPL licensed project, you have to release the thing you build with the GPL license too. I want to get some clarity of where the distinction lies wrt Camelot, and if we need to relicense Camelot with the GPL license, or if there’s something we can do (like calling ghostscript using the CLI and not import its code inside Camelot) to avoid relicensing. Right now the ghostscript wrapper is distributed with Camelot.

Since ghostscript (not the wrapper) has been a pain to install for users, I worked on pdftopng some months ago, which is a wrapper on top of poppler a PDF rendering library written in C++. It has pre-built wheels for all major operating systems which should make installation as easy as a pip install. But poppler and therefore pdftopng is GPLv2 licensed, so I also want to get some clarity on what would be the best way to integrate it with Camelot, and remove ghostscript as a dependency / make ghostscript optional.

Hi there! Thanks for your note and as you seem to have discovered, license compatibility can at times be a difficult challenge.

I’m not a lawyer and can’t give you definitive advice on this question, but if it were me, I’d probably take your scenario to the license-discuss mailing list hosted by the Open Source Initiative. The list is filled with open source legal experts and people who have probably encountered similar issues before, so I think they would welcome a discussion about your questions.

I am also a member of that list and will be watching to hopefully find a consensus about how to handle this. Good luck!

Thanks Michael, I shall join the list and post my question there.

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