Recruiting FLOSS project (co) maintainers

I recently learned about Adoptoposs, an interesting new platform that tracks requests from project maintainers for help in co-maintaining (or taking over) projects that have become too big for them to handle, or when maintainers otherwise need additional human power:

This is an interesting concept, and one we’ve been exploring in the OSC team with @harensen and @sconrad. We’d love to hear more from OSC maintainers about this idea. Is this a challenge that resonates with you? What do you think of platforms or tools like these?

There is some back story about how this web site came into being and exploring some of the issues of making sure projects have enough maintainers, in this story on from this month:

I wish the adoptoss site would just list out all available projects and then we can narrow it down. It’s showing empty list when you go to the search and asking us to search, but I don’t know what to search on it :smiley:

I think I like the idea, but the site I think need some polishing. Something like the urgency, how wide the oss in the list being adopted (# of downloads, # of stars). And then I think the expectation should be clear on what is the meaning of adopting an oss (some of them are too broad).


That’s a really good point. Somewhat of a black box until you do enough “trial and error”.

Maybe something like a faceted search, or set of filters you can apply to the entire list of results?

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Yeah, I think everyone is taking the google search design approach :slight_smile:

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FYI: We are currently working on improving the exploration of submitted OSS projects on, so stay tuned:

In case you have other suggestions and ideas on how to make Adoptoposs even more useful for the OSS community, please let us know on Github :slight_smile:

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:rocket: We just launched the new explore page:
Should be way easier to explore projects now.