Recruiting projects for Outreachy! (Late 2018)

Greetings! Once again, the OSC is sponsoring Outreachy for both the year-end and mid-year (2019) terms, and based on your feedback, we’ve doubled our support over last year! This means we’re actively looking for open source projects to participate in the program. Some of you, such as Bahmni, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, LibreHealth, ODK, and OpenLMIS, were accepted as projects this past round, and we’d like to see even more this year.

What is Outreachy?

Twice a year, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) communities work with Outreachy organizers to offer internships to people traditionally underrepresented in tech. Interns work remotely with mentors from Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) communities on projects ranging from programming, user experience, documentation, illustration and graphical design, to data science. A coordinator for each participating FOSS community works with Outreachy organizers to track mentors, find funding, and advertise their internship projects.

What are the interns like?

Outreachy interns come from a wide range of backgrounds. Outreachy is open to applicants from underrepresented groups over 18 who fit our eligibility rules. Interns could be university students, code school graduates, people switching careers, or people coming back to tech after starting a family or other long absence. Most Outreachy interns already have some exposure to using FOSS and technical knowledge, but many of them have not contributed to FOSS communities before. During our six-week application period, potential interns make contributions to the participating FOSS communities, which allows mentors to accurately evaluate their skills.

What does my project need to provide?

If OSC is able to sponsor an intern for your project, there is no further cost to participate. Your project will need to identify an organizer (point of contact) for your project, and a mentor for each intern student/project, in addition to the project idea itself. For more information, see:

Decision deadline

The deadline for new community sign up on the site is October 2, but communities are encouraged to sign up ASAP!

TIP: Communities that engage applicants as early as possible once the application period opens are more likely to find high-quality applicants.

Timeline for this round

  • Through end of October: Intern application period. Outreachy applicants select projects they’re interested in, and make small contributions to those projects. We find that the strongest applicants make multiple small contributions consistently throughout the application process. Having a list of starter tasks is essential to finding the right candidates. We will also have a Twitter chat with the #OutreachyChat hashtag to introduce mentors.
  • Beginning of December: Internships Start. Mentors officially begin guiding their interns on the project work.
  • Mid-January: Mid-term Review. Mentors provide mid-internship feedback to Outreachy organizers and indicate whether interns should be paid the mid-term payment.
  • Beginning of March: Final Review. Mentors provide final internship feedback to Outreachy organizers and indicate whether interns should be paid the final payment.
  • Beginning of March: Internships End. Mentors should encourage and support interns in continuing their community participation through volunteer or paid opportunities, as suits the nature of the community and the interests of the intern.

Ready to sign up? Have questions?

Please send a direct message to @downey here on the forums if your org wants to participate, or post your question as a reply to this topic. (Others may have the same question!)

Urvika Gola, former Outreachy intern, hacks on the open source Android application, Lumicall, with former Google Summer of Code intern, Pranav Jain. (Photo CC-BY-NC-SA Sage Sharp.)

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