Results of the 2018 Strategic Grant

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sorry to post here but I am apparently not allowed to access

I am a big supporter, user and contributor to one project which applied to the 2018 Strategic Grant (although I am not part of the application) and would like to know if the results of the grant application will be announced online or if you will only contact directly the candidates? Also, is there a date set for the announcement of results? The last message on the forum said “hopefully End of August”

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I am also interested in understanding this as well. Thanks!


Greetings All–

I wanted to post a quick note that we have identified the grant finalists and are working with them to complete grant agreements, at which point they will be officially announced. We have also contacts all applicants directly to notify them if we are unable to fund them with this round.

We received an overwhelming number of outstanding applications with this round of funding, and are thankful to all the applicants. Stay tuned here and on our website for future announcements of funding opportunities!

Thank you,
The OSC Team

Thanks David for the feedback! Will you publish the names of the awarded projects? I am sure there is a bunch of interesting things to look at there!