Resurrecting dialbot?

On the Discourse side we already have @OSCbot, but what folks may not recall is we used to have @dialbot on the DIAL Slack installation, back in the day.

I am thinking it could be useful to set up a Hubot instance once again to help us automate some things across our various tools. For the time being as we are (stuck) using DIAL’s Slack, there is:

There are also a ton of scripts at:

Does anyone have ideas about potential things that could be automated beyond our previous discussions about daily standups? @sconrad & @nribeka I’m thinking of you to start :wink:

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @OSCbot display help.

Oh, hush up. :wink: :running_man:

What was it for, the dialbot? What features does it have?

  • We could create some sort of sharepoint monitor (I dunno if it’s possible or not). Weekly or daily summary report of what’s new or what’s changing or what document was updated?

Btw, is there a way to see what’s most active slack channel? See noteworthy slack messages (not just cat videos)?

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I will have to dig through the archives to see if I can find details on how we used the bot for in Slack. Some of our @osc-team-alumni might recall! Mostly for casual help, and of course, we had the Discourse chat integration. (Which now does not require a standalone bot only the
Slack API.)

We are only limited by our needs, imagination, and ability to write Hubot plugins… :slight_smile: