Should we run a GSoC umbrella org?

A couple weekends ago at the Google Summer of Code mentor summit, I got a lot of various feedback from what’s known as “Umbrella Orgs” within GSoC.

In theory, this could be an easy on-ramp for smaller T4D projects participating in the OSC to access GSoC student mentorship opportunities without the overhead of org administration, which is done by the central umbrella.

Generally, the only requirement for sub-projects is that they have a handful of mentors available, and publish their project ideas to a central source. However, once they grow to a certain (TBD) size, it seems best to encourage them to apply on their own to get more attention.

What do folks think of this approach? We should decide in the next month or so at the latest so we can do the prep work to apply.


Chatted with the Python/PSF folks, who generously offered use of their content at

@dmccann I am thinking of moving this into a simple RTD and/or static GitLab site. Then adapting content accordingly, of course. Thoughts?

Sounds good to me! Lemme know how I can help.

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Gonna add a task over this next sprint, to make a content scrape/fork/adaptation for review here. Stay tuned…