Sprint Report for 2020-02

The DIAL Engineering Team produces a monthly sprint report, highlighting the work done in the previous month. The February report follows. Most of the work was oriented around supporting DIAL’s ICT4SDG work, specifically in the development of the online catalog found at https://registry.dial.community.

All issues can be tracked in Gitlab:

Sprint 10 – 2/1/2020 – 2/29/2020

Primary focuses were Importing and Displaying Project Data and Developing shared schema for Products (our collaboration with Unicef and Ovio). We also worked on interviews with implementers/procurers as well as general cleanup work and bug fixing.

Issues Completed (28, weight of 188 hours)

Issue ID Title
389 Create cli to import gtt and upload to toggl
392 Update header logo. Add ‘online catalog’ and ‘beta’ indicator
390 Create API to expose products in the catalog in standard product format.
391 Use public goods repository as data source for online catalog
368 Cleanup product entries for DIAL data
308 Develop standard data format for projects
311 Create scraper for any useful IATI project data
355 Set up interviews/walkthroughs with end users (implementers)
379 Unit tests for projects
378 Create card view for projects
360 Add flag for product-SDG linkage to indicate whether self-reported or mapped
361 Color or flag for use cases to indicate mature or beta.
377 Synonyms for countries and organizations
350 Scrape project data from Digital Health atlas
310 Create scraper for world bank project data
375 Implement projects filter
370 Allow filtering of products by organization
371 Add type to orgs
376 Create final interop demo video
374 Home breadcrumb should go to products page
373 Add ability to hyperlink to WYSIWYG editor
369 Logo Uploads
307 Add “mobile payments product suite” to product registry
362 Expose registry API using Swagger/OpenAPI
334 Clean locations data where location_type is ‘point’ - ensure that country is clearly identified
264 Add Description fields to organizations and WYSIWYG editor/text on view/edit page
312 Add Project viewing/editing to organizational edit/view page
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Great work @nribeka & @sconrad! It’s great to see the progress on the online catalog beta, and I’m super excited about the new possibilities working with UNICEF & Ovio – the schema is a wonderful start.