Starting GSoC 2020 Proposal Review

Greetings @gsoc-mentors and sub-org admins! By now you are probably aware that a few hours ago, proposals have closed for this round of Google Summer of Code. That means it’s time to start reviewing proposals and ranking/choosing which you want to work with!

Your sub-org’s proposals are now viewable in the GSoC webapp. They have been pre-screened for validity. (In other words, random non-relevant applications have been marked “ignore”.) We’ve made comments on each proposal with respect to how complete the application was compared to the DIAL proposal template and whether or not the idea was listed on your ideas pages. We have also marked proposals that appear to be thorough with a :star: – but remember to look at non-starred proposals too. They are all sorted with a label for each sub-org, so make sure you’re signed in, and click below to go straight to each group:

Remember, proposal comments are only viewable by mentors, sub-org admins, and DIAL org admins. If you need to follow up with a student applicant, you will need to use their submitted contact information. Whenever possible, as good open source practice, please have these conversations in public. There is a thread going on the GSoC Mentors email list right now about ways this can be done.

There may be duplicates. Ideally, student applicants have disclosed any other orgs to which they’ve applied. There are a few proposals from applicants who applied for more than one project within the DIAL umbrella – these have been marked and commented so you will be aware. Your org admin team will help in dealing with any duplicates once they have been flagged. This is why it’s good to mark your “Want to Mentor” projects as soon as possible – just remember not to mark proposals you don’t think are strong enough to be successful.

Sub-org Admin checklist

  • Make sure all of your potential mentors are signed up for an account here on the OSC Hub and listed on the @gsoc-mentors group page. If they are not, they can click the button to request group membership. This will ensure that (1) it’s easy to communicate with everyone, and (2) we can make sure a GSoC webapp invite is sent.

  • Double-check the GSoC site lists your sub-org’s potential mentors in the webapp at You will need to be signed in first, and expect to see names you may not know. (Other sub-orgs mentors are there, too!)

  • Communicate to your sub-org’s mentors any expectations you may have about criteria for selecting students, code samples, advance live chats/discussions, etc. Let them know how and when to review proposals. (For example, do they need to review them all and enter comments? Only focus on their own project ideas?)

  • Decide on the number of projects your mentors can support in consideration of the proposals received. Please send this number in a private message to @gsoc-admins no later than April 19. We will collate these and provide them to Google for a top-level slot request. We hope to get all of the slots we request, so please be sure to only request the accurate number that you believe you can & will accept.

Mentor candidate checklist

  • Make sure you’re signed up both to the @gsoc-mentors group here on the OSC Hub, and also the GSoC webapp. Many of you have not yet accepted your GSoC site invitations, and we think there are some of you not yet signed up here. If you are having problems, send us a private message at @gsoc-admins and we’ll help sort things out.

  • Get in touch with your sub-org admin and be clear about your responsibilities for reviewing and marking your preferences. Do this no later than April 18, because your sub-org admin must let DIAL know each sub-org’s numbers by April 19.

  • Mark the proposals you want to accept with the purple :heavy_plus_sign::busts_in_silhouette: Want To Mentor button in the GSoC webapp as soon as you are confident that the proposal is one you feel would be successful with you as a mentor. Remember, each person can only be the “primary mentor” for one student project, and each project can only have one primary mentor. (You may need to decide on this with your sub-org admin.) These “want to mentor” selections must be done no later than April 28 and your selections need to be approved by your sub-org admin(s).

  • Make sure you have a backup mentor (or even better, two) identified for your mentored project.

That’s all for now!

The last thing is to remember to check the updated dates for the next several weeks. (The previous link also has special dates just for you, sub-org admins and mentors. Google has extended things during this period to make it as easy as possible on all of you mentors who may be juggling new commitments due to COVID-19.

Please reply back to this topic with any questions you think others may have, post a new topic in the #programs:gsoc-suborgs category, or send us a private message to @gsoc-admins if you have trouble or a personal question. Thanks for your continued efforts!