Strategic Grants Q&A: Mid-2018

Good question, Luc. Please see the top post of this topic where we’ve just provided an answer.

Dear David, we are a group of developers and sw companies placed in Germany and Tajikistan and jointly working on a OS platform. We are into the dial application and we have three main questions:
a) are we eligible (we are EU and Central Asian private companies); If yes,
a) is it possible the German company will be formal recipient and will afterwards subcontract the others in Tajikistan (there are not trivial admin challenges for Taj companies and free lancers to direct access a grant)
b) What about this form? Do we need to fill it in?

Many thanks for your support!
Cheers Gianluca

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Are UN Agencies eligible to apply with other stakeholders like Private organisations?

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Thanks very much for taking questions!

Three items:

  1. The solicitation mentions that the proposal should be no longer than 10 pages. Does the 10 pages include the budget and budget narrative?

  2. Additionally, does the 10 pages of the proposal include key staff CVs, or can CVs be included as annexes?

  3. Will other annexes be accepted?

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You’ve mentioned working to be flexible in structuring and directing the funding. Does that include the timing of the disbursements? (For instance, an organization might – for tax reasons – strongly prefer to receive the funding for next year’s activities in calendar year 2019.)

Thank you so much for the open Q&A!

I had a question regarding the length of the overall application. The 10 page limit is inclusive of just the proposal and not the other components of the application like the budget, budget narrative, completed risk assessment form, and W-9, correct? Can CVs be included as part of the budget and budget narrative?

My apologies I see that Adam had just asked the same exact question 5 h ago.

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Does the annex on “Platform Building and Generalization” cover an existing platform which an organisation wishes to make an open source project or are these grants purely for existing Open Source platforms?

Does system build upon existing several open-source projects and the one of core projects, that was used to create this system are counted as different products? Can both communities send proposal for their projects?

For example:

Bahmni coalition are submitting a proposal for Bahmni (It is a EMR & hospital system. It combines and enhances existing open source products into a single solution, like OpenMRS, OpenERP, DICOM and OpenELIS) and OpenMRS community wants to send proposal for OpenMRS. Is there any conflict between this and both products can do that?

Also I would like about CV’s that we have to send - DIAL is looking more for developers profiles or Project Managers?

Question about the Risk Assessment form: we (Bahmni) are fiscally sponsored by OpenMRS Inc. Therefore I expect we should fill out that form for OpenMRS Inc. Correct?

Question about the Risk Assessment form: do we need to submit it directly on the 31st or will it be submitted after the - eventual - selection? (we are an EU company with partners in Central Asia). Many thanks.

CV: do we need to submit them?

Thanks to everyone who has recently submitted questions. The top post of this topic has been updated with responses.

Last minute question: Our organisation is part of different open source projects that are submitting separate unrelated proposals that we would be involved in (i.e. some people from our organisation would potentially be working on more than one project if both proposals are awarded). Is this a problem from an eligibility standpoint?

Edit: To further clarify, we would not be the primary recipients/fiscal sponsors for any of these proposals

Hi! A last minute question: as a UN organisation with audited annual accounts and auditor’s recommendations, do we also need to submit the risk assessment form with our application? Grateful for your quick reply. Thank you!

Yesterday I sent in a submission, but I haven’t received any acknowledgement of that submission. Should I expect any?


No, we understand that it is common for individuals or organizations to contribute to many open source projects. Grants will be awarded based on the submission of a project idea on behalf of an open source project.

Please submit the assessment form to the best of your ability. In case there are additional questions for selected recipients, someone will follow up for more details.

Given the volume of proposals, we will not be able to send confirmations until the application window has closed. However, proposers should feel free to reach out in case of any doubt that the proposal went through – especially if there was any error message.

(I can confirm your proposal was received; thank you!)

The application period for this round of grants closed at the end of 2018-07-31. Proposals will be reviewed next week, and selected recipients will be consulted over the next few weeks to discuss next steps.

Thank you to everyone who sent in proposals! Feel free to ask other questions, share comments, etc. here in the forum.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an application for our Strategic Grants 2018 round.

Due to both the extension for submissions, as well as a much higher number of applications than expected, the review process has been extended. The grant review team hopes to provide feedback to all applicants by the end of August.

Until then, applicants should feel free to reply to your proposal email notification message with any specific questions, or send a direct message to @osc-grants here on the forum.

We appreciate your patience!