Time for Outreachy final feedback!

For those @outreachy-mentors who are are working with Outreachy interns for this closing year-end round, it’s time again to submit feedback for your intern!

Please remember, there’s only one feedback/evaluation submitted per intern, so be sure to coordinate with any other mentor(s) working with the same intern. This evaluation will determine whether or not the intern is paid their final $2,500 stipend, so please remember to submit it as soon as possible!

A question often arises about what should happen if the intern’s project is not fully completed by this time. Generally speaking, if the intern stayed in touch, worked diligently and regularly throughout the program, they should still be passed through this evaluation, even if the project wasn’t fully completed. As we all know, often times in open source development we run into “externalities” that can slow things down in unexpected ways. You should strive to evaluate your intern based on the effort they made.

Questions for mentors include:

  • How often does your intern ask for your help or feedback?
  • How long does it take for you to respond to your intern’s request for help or feedback?
  • How often does your intern submit a project contribution?
  • How long does it take for you to give feedback on your intern’s contributions?
  • How long does it take for your intern to incorporate feedback and resubmit a contribution?
  • What was the last date you were in contact with your intern?
  • Please provide a paragraph describing your intern’s progress on their project. This will only be shown to Outreachy organizers and Software Freedom Conservancy accounting staff.
  • Do you believe your Outreachy intern is putting in a full-time, 40 hours a week effort into the internship?
  • Should your Outreachy intern be paid the final $2500 payment?
  • Questions about whether the intern needs an extension, and when the next date for internship feedback should be after the extension is done.
  • Questions about whether the internship may need to be terminated.
  • (The questions about internship extensions and terminations aren’t needed for most internships, but our form asks them of all mentors.)
  • Would you would recommend mentoring for Outreachy to a friend?

We appreciate the efforts of everyone who served as a mentor this round, and we’d love to hear about your experience – either here in #programs:mentorship or by getting in touch with us directly through a message to @support.

Thank you.

I have submitted the feedback for Maggie Ngem.

Maggie is also our new mentor on both projects for this next round.


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