Tips to avoid missing messages on IRC while away

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Hey, @woswos ! can you please share it. This is a long-running issue for me as well :smile:

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I guess @woswos will be happy to share what they discussed, but until then I will add a couple ideas that I’ve seen:

  1. IRCcloud is a paid commercial web service that stays connected to one or more IRC servers 24x7 and synchronizes all of your clients. Their web and mobile clients use the open source Apache license, but the backend server is proprietary.

  2. Matrix is a decentralized and federated communication system that can bridge into IRC channels (as well as connect to Slack teams as well as, of course, their own Matrix federated rooms). It is similar to IRCcloud in that you can join from a variety of clients (web, mobile, desktop) but from a variety of developers, and the experience will be “in sync”. You can join an existing Matrix home server and then connect to an IRC channel, or host your own private/individual/group Matrix home server. The platform is fully open source as well as most if not all clients.

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Hey, @downey thank you very much for taking the time to write that! the suggestions look very good!

For my use case, I find hosting ZNC on a Rasberry Pi is much cheaper and cost-effective.

About ZNC (IRC bouncer)

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Nice! I hadn’t yet seen anyone running ZNC on Raspbian. Thanks for sharing. :trophy:

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Hi, sorry for my late reply. I would suggest using The Lounge. It is open source, modern, and super simple to use. You can even export the chat log if you need to migrate your setup. You can install it to your Rasberry Pi or any other server you have.